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meal prep el paso tx

The Go To


Grilled chicken with grilled veggies, jasmine rice, or sweet potatoes

Grilled chicken thighs glazed over with teriyaki sauce, served with jasmine rice and grilled veggies

Grilled salmon with asparagus and jasmine rice

Oven baked Tilapia with asparagus and brown rice

Big Texas


Pulled brisket with grilled veggies and gold potatoes

Ground Key


Ground turkey with grilled veggies and jasmine rice or sweet potatoes

Noa Noa


Grilled shrimp with quinoa, broccoli, corn, and chopped cilantro

Turkey Wrap


Sliced smoked turkey with tomatoes, spinach, and pepper jack cheese wrapped in a spinach and herb wrap

healthy meal prep el paso tx

Healthy Meal Prep Is Now Easy in El Paso, TX

Get tasty protein meals delivered to your door every week

Do you spend hours every week on healthy meal prep? You could probably cut that time in half by preparing protein meals made by AIC Supplements in El Paso, TX. We can deliver nutrient-rich meals to your door each week so you can spend more time at the gym or eating meals with your family.

Customize your meal plan online now.

meal prep el paso tx

What's so special about this meal plan?

Unlike other meal delivery services, our Infinite Foods program...

  • Comes with nutritional facts so you know what you're eating
  • Delivers frequently so you can enjoy fresh protein meals all week long
  • Prepares complete meals with an entrĂ©e and a side dish so you feel fuller longer
Find out why El Paso, TX area residents are switching to the Infinite Foods system - sign up for our healthy meal prep program now.